• Image of Vanilla Poppers - Demo CS

Cleveland hardcore with a bit of SoCal punk flare to it, Vanilla Poppers' demo delivers 6 songs of pure lo-fi ecstasy including the Comes' international hit Public Circle. Is the guitar player playing out of a Peavey PA head? Sounds like the tone you'd hear from Greg Ginn or the Fang's Landshark LP. The vocals are shrieking from either distress or pleasure, perhaps both. With songs about chasing love, worthless deadbeats, those famous last words, "I'll only have one drink", and the inevitable gaping sphincter from doing too many poppers it could be anyone's guess. Rustbelt depression, west coast aggression, Aussie curiosity channeling a Japcore banshee, one wiff of this demo will have you coming back for more.

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