• Image of Nite School - s/t 7"//SPLAT - s/t 7" **DOUBLE PACK**

A band that fell into the abyss before they were able to do much of anything short of a few exceptional recording sessions at the old Black Eye/71st Door spot. Sharing members of HOMOSTUPIDS, BROWN SUGAR and BAD NOIDS, the chemistry here is awesome. Steve's solid bass tone lays the foundation for Kevin's pocket drumming and Brandon's unmistakable guitar style. George's vocals bring it all together with the lyrical content you've come to expect from the cold and gray rust belt. Only a 100 copies made, this 7" will only be sold with the SPLAT 7" from myself. Split release with the lovely people over at Turbine Piss Records.

*Black and Colored vinyl available for SPLAT! Please specify which one when ordering*

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